MIT-BIH database would be helpful

2013.10.1 came up with the idea of applying ICA to ecg signal processing
checked the literature
and found tons of them
haha it seems as a med students i should not have assumed that i came up with sth engineers never thought of
anyway found an comprehensive textbook for ecg signal processing, would be happy to read that, only problem is that is 600+pages…

近日做暑期实践高血压知信行问卷的数据处理,看影响健康行为,态度以及知识的因素, 之前根据课内学到的东西,不知道是用卡方,还是用anova,但都要一步步手动选,好麻烦 今天翻医学统计学的时候,忽然看到多元逐步线性回归,和logistic回归,看看例题,似乎正是我想要的 于是就做了这两个,比之前想的简单许多, 不知道这样处理有没有问题 但是发现医学统计学这本书真的很实用,后面没讲的部分写的也蛮清楚 假期没事的时候整个meta来玩玩哈哈


pyrogens, suchas microbial products and cytokines, trigger release of PGE2 on the brain side of cipillary epithelium in hypothalamus. PGE2 triggers cAMP release from glial cells, which in turn activates nerve endings of hypothalamus neurons…
looks like a well designed pathway to adjust the set point of body temperature in response to pyrogens… this pathway seems too sophisticated to be a spill over or something….
but what is the pathway for?